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Trail through the Highlands
Tree on edge of loch
bridge reflection in river
sheep out in pasture
couple of geese
food on the Spain trail
Morning stillness in the Spain trail
Lycian Way


Scotland description

Scotland - West Highland Way

...and a wee bit of the Great Glen Way | 2019
England description

England - Coast to Coast

200+ miles of beautiful countryside...and daily pints | 2018
Spain beach trail | 2017

Spain - Camino de Santiago

Turkey description | 2015

Turkey - The Lycian Way

Scotland’s West Highlands Way is an amazing hike to experience. It’s highlands and lochs lend a feeling of being far more remote than you actually are. Within a few breathtaking miles a bed and pint always awaits. However, be prepared to experience the reason everything is so incredibly lush and green...rain. A lot of rain. Often.

Fortunately I was prepared and was lucky with moderate temperatures (not too cold). I think every single day there was some moisture that came from the sky at least a little bit. But only about three days was there truly rain in earnest all day. Those were the mornings that it was really challenging to get out of the hostel/pub/hotel and start the walk to the next one. But even on those days the views, trail and experiences that led to the next stop were well worth it.

Since time permitted I took a bus from the finish of the West Highland Way, Fort William, north a bit and did another two days of hiking on the Great Glen Way. Those two days were sunny, dry with amazing views from the high option trails.

Next in Scotland I’d like to do the Arran Coastal Way

England’s Coast to Coast Walk (aka C2C) was an adventure. Mostly in the beginning with trying to secure all the places to eat and sleep along the way. We started booking about four months before our trip and found that it was probably a couple months too late. Eventually we worked it all out, leaving us with one really long day and two or three other days with places a fair amount of distance off our trail. After everything was booked the pressure was off and we were left to just enjoy the walk everyday to the next place.
Daily routine: Coffee - Eat - Walk - Pints - Eat - Sleep. Repeat for 18 days.
We took one rest day in the middle and didn't really know what to do with it besides laundry (and I got a glorious foot massage in Richmond).
One of the amazing aspects of the C2C is the diversity of areas we walked through: coastal, mountains in the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, endless pastures, tiny villages to large cities...and everywhere people were friendly, interesting and gracious of us tourists tramping through their space. Mostly there were sheep, and lots of new baby sheep.

Know as the pilgrimage of Santiago de Compostela with the UNESCO World Heritage designation, this hike generally has extermly good waymarking along the route. The French Way (aka The “Way of St James”) being the most popular of the routes.

The Lycian Way isTurkey’s first long-distance route. It's a coastal walk through history – way-marked (sort of) footpath around the coast of Lycia in southern Turkey. The trail consists mainly of Roman roads, old footpaths and mule trails, often hard and stony underfoot. Lying between the coast and mountains, it has some steep gradients.
It was researched, designed and waymarked by Kate Clow, a British/Turkish amateur historian, in 1999. Turkey’s first long-distance walking route, it was made in order to identify and protect some of Turkey’s old roads.

Fun Facts

Miles of Scotland's Great Trails
Miles of Camino de Santiago's - Walk The Way of St James
Miles of England and Wales National Trail
Trail mileage in US

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